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About Pakistan Fruit Cold Storage

At Pakistan Fruit Cold Storage, “family” means more than just the two generations of family owners that have governed the company. The Pakistan Fruit Cold Storage family includes every one of its employees.

Our Clientele includes leading multinational companies dealing in restaurants, food production, food chain stores and pharmaceuticals. In order to maintain our reputation and quality, the management team consists of highly qualified and experienced professional operators, managers and technicians which are present on site throughout the day and night.

Mr. Naushad Datardina, the current Managing Director of PFS Cold Storage takes responsibilty for the continous growth of the company and it's employees. In 1985 after a major expansion PFS diversified and catered to storing medicinal products and offering entire cold rooms as contract storage to multinational companies. Over the years, the company has expanded its operation on our custom built premises in the heart of Karachi. We are stratagically located in the heart of Karachi's industrial zone.

Mission Statement

The Pakistan Fruit Cold Storage Group pledges to build a profitable company through the production, preservation and distribution of chilled foods, and to employ the highest ethical and technical standards to create a safe, healthy environment that provides fulfillment, reward and satisfaction to customers, employees and the members of our community.

Our Commitment to the Community

Pakistan Fruit Storage helps the communities in which it operates. Pakistan Fruit Cold Storage accepts requests for donations from registered Pakistan Charities. Submit requests in writing along with your charitable donation number and details of your event. Every request is considered. Due to the number of requests, only organizations selected for donation are contacted.