Pakistan Fruit Benefits | Cold Storage Karachi
Delivering Service You Demand

Our facility is a full-service operation, providing storage for most products that require low temperatures. Our main storage is of dry fruits, tamarind, chocolates, chillies, butter, dairy products, dates, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Industrial and commercial companies tend to rent or lease cooling storage facility warehouses.
All these items require different temperatures and our state of the art equipment and 24 hours on site technicians make sure that the temperatures are precisely monitored.

Twenty-four Hour management and security

One of the first cold storage facilities to introduce 24-hour monitoring service, we deliver immediacy as we reduce customer costs and worry. You can be sure that your goods are safe with us.


Our skilled labour and staff are dedicated to handling our client’s products in the best possible ways. Our stand by generator makes sure that none of the items perish under any condition. We aim to try our best to take care of the products and offer our labour to load and unload products.