Pakistan Fruit Warehouses | Cold Storage Karachi
About Warehouses

We have a total area of 2750 Sq. Metres and construction of 450,000 Sq. Feet. We have 16 constructed and insulated cold rooms to rent. We provide warehouse storage in a full range of ambient, cooler temperatures. We offer bulk ingredient and finished goods storage and handling including totes, drums, and full pallets.
We offer Case Pick and custom order assembly services.
Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are custom designed to manage inventory control requirements, as well as day-to-day flow in a real time environment.

You have 24-hour access to your goods, 7 days a week.

Rent a space
We can provide you a space for your products with your desired temperature need in one our warehouses. This will be your secure cold storage space monitored throughout the hour.

Rent a cold room
You can rent a room for your industrial or commercial need. This entire room would be your for own storage and we will take charge for the temperatures, the technicians’ and the overheads. We have rooms available for monthly / annual contracts.