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Warehousing Services

Whether you require long-term, high-volume chilled storage or a throughput freezer storage, Pakistan Fruit Importers and Exporters Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd’s (PFS Cold Storage) warehousing services can handle all of your cold supply chain needs. We offer chilled and frozen storage, with convertible rooms, allowing us to customize your storage environment based on the temperature, humidity, and lighting requirements of your product. Our custom-built Warehouse Management System allows us to seamlessly case-pick and consolidate your shipments quickly, getting your product out to the consumer. All of our facilities participate in regular in-house sanitation audits as well as maintain ISO approval.

Specializing in refrigerated storage since 1966, PFS Cold Storage has the expertise to provide all of the services that you would expect of a temperature controlled warehouse service provider:

  • Freezer, Chilled Storage
  • State-of-the-Art Warehouse & Inventory Management System
  • Convertible Rooms (As per your requirements)
  • Case-Picking & Consolidation
  • Import / Export Services
  • In-House Sanitation Audits

Transportation Services

Pakistan Fruit Importers & Exporters Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd can arrange the best temperature-controlled transportation services which is on par with the best in the industry. Our customers benefit from total logistics service, excellent rates, and a wide base of qualified carriers. Flexible, efficient and non-asset based, PFS Transport Services offers refrigerated and frozen services, including full-truckload, National LTL, local shuttle service and backhauls.

Pakistan Fruit Importers & Exporters Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd’s Transportation Services provides you with everything you need to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace:

  • Custom Temperature Controlled Freight Management
  • Transportation Consolidation Programs