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PFS Cold Storage is dedicated to doing our part for the environment. From using alternative energy sources, efficient facility design features, improved lighting, and efficient refrigeration technology, PFS is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by actively seeking or creating new ways to produce real energy efficiencies.

Invertor Controlled Refrigeration Technology

PFS Cold Storage utilizes computer controlled variable speed compressors and fans to drive our refrigeration systems. These systems are being constantly monitored, both on and off site, to ensure that everything is operating at maximum efficiency rather than maximum power.

LED Lighting

Lighting is another area in which the company is striving to improve. Traditional warehouse lighting uses maximum power at all times and generates heat that must be removed from the rooms. PFS Cold Storage has upgraded facilities to fully LED lighting systems with varying brightness to reduce both the heat and power as well as put light where it best serves our associates while operating in the warehouse.

Waste Reduction

PFS Cold Storage is also trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills by recycling pallet wood, shrink-wrap, cardboard, paper, and oil. Other programs include irrigating the defrost lines with reclaimed water from the rooftop condensers.