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Our Vision

To be the most CARING temperature-controlled storage company. We do this by thoughtfully balancing the needs of our Customers, Associates, Business, Relationships, Employees and Community.

Our Mission

The Pakistan Fruit Cold Storage Group pledges to build a profitable company through the production, preservation and distribution of temperature controlled goods, and to employ the highest ethical and technical standards to create a safe, healthy environment that provides fulfillment, reward and satisfaction to customers, employees and the members of our community.


We operate with honesty and strong moral principles in a consistent manner. This includes how we treat each other, our customers and our business partners.


We are the company that makes life easier.

Relax—it’s handled!


We are trustworthy and perform consistently well. High quality and dependable service should be our minimum expectation.


We believe in understated excellence. A high-performing experience should consistently meet or exceed customer and partner expectations.


We are passionate and focused on what we do every day.